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Because we’re friendly, flexible and approachable we aim to build long-term relationships with clients; and because we’re professional and hard-working we’re confident you’ll feel we’re a valuable part of your team...

Since working with Flamingo Marketing I have seen our brand awareness dramatically increase through the delivery of our PR strategy. I have been impressed with the methodical and passionate approach they have taken to cover the many aspects of PR, with one of the key returns being regular national recognition of our brand.

Stephanie Duncan
Head of Marketing Blenheim Palace

I have known Nikki for more years than I care to remember, right back to when we both worked for Vardon Attractions (before it became the Merlin Group) She was always the one who was going to succeed so when we were looking for PR and other support at the Treasure Houses of England (www.treasurehouses.co.uk ) it was, as they say, a no brainer to employ her and Flamingo Marketing to undertake that role for us. The Group comprises ten of the most magnificent and significant stately homes in the UK and since we engaged her three years ago she has definitely become the ‘11th manager’ in the Group.

Stephen Munn
Chairman Treasure Houses of England

Nikki Smith is able to bring (at least) three very rare and valuable skills to the table:

1. The insight that only comes from real experience, of what is required to communicate with visitor attraction consumers. Too many in our industry are locked in B to B thinking, not the clarity of B to C thinking that actually sells tickets.

2. The warmth of personality, intellect and easy going demeanour that makes her immediately an intrinsic and invaluable part of the Client team.

3. An intuitive understanding of what it’s like to be a Client in the bums on seats business, with all of the operational and project constraints and challenges that come with that position……no doubt a natural outcome of her extensive experience at the coal face of attractions operations.

She and her team at Flamingo offer a service that is as invaluable as it is accessible. A rare combination indeed!

Tim Rusby
Managing Director The Visitor Attraction Company

I have worked with Nikki for many years. She is one of a rare breed of marketers who works from concept to reality, delivering marketing solutions which focus on achieving positive results. As an experienced operator as well as marketer, she has a keen understanding of the business and is able to inspire and support management teams to ensure marketing strategies are fully embraced by the whole team to help maximize visitor numbers, increase spend and develop the overall visitor experience.

Ian Cunningham
Managing Director Livingstone Leisure

I am very pleased to be able to offer my testimonial for Flamingo Marketing and in particular Nikki Smith, their Managing Director.

The Royal Gunpowder Mills is a visitor attraction that has, since its conception, struggled to deliver in a number of key areas. Flamingo were tasked with improving our brand recognition, helping us to meet customer expectations and to develop a marketing strategy and associated operating budget.

With Flamingo on board, we have re-branded and developed a five year marketing strategy that is already paying dividends – our visitor numbers have increased significantly, our customer satisfaction levels are much higher and there is growing brand recognition.

But Flamingo offer much more, Nikki has become a key member of the team, she is respected and liked and because of her many levels of experience within tourism and leisure, she has been able to offer advice in many other areas of the business.

Flamingo are an excellent company led by an exceptional professional.

Andrew Coates
Chief Executive Royal Gunpowder Mills

Flamingo have really helped put our pubs on the map in the South West. They understand the unique demands of each business and have been able to provide localised, affordable support for landlords as well as effective global initiatives which have resulted in a measurable increase of business.

Clive Greene
Regional Director Punch Taverns

Although I have worked with Nikki Smith for a number of years on various projects I had not engaged her services until the spring of 2009. My business had a very specific niche need and action was required promptly, I needed results quickly.

The team at Flamingo Marketing understood the brief and formulated a short and long term action plan that could be integrated into my existing marketing campaigns and delivered by my own team. The actions were clear, measurable and more importantly saw the immediate impact that I had hoped for.

Flamingo is sharp, professional and empathetic. Budget does not dictate the level of service delivered and the team have the unique ability to understand precisely what is required and the style that is appropriate to achieve the results.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Flamingo, without doubt they are one of the most professional organizations I have had the pleasure of engaging.

Tracey Griffiths
Owner Lusty Glaze Beach